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E4S install many different types of systems and will be happy visit your property to discuss and design a system to suit your needs and requirements, including wire free systems, hard wired systems, text alert systems, speech dialing systems and even off site monitored systems that in most provide police response.


Moving with technology many customers are now requesting App controlled systems and can be provided .

For high risk properties we recommend police response monitored systems with dual path monitoring.


We can provide perimeter detection systems which protect the exterior doors and windows, internal systems that are operated by movement detectors and door contacts, and plenty of other options you may not have considered such as, pet immune detectors, panic alarms, smoke detectors, flood detectors, break glass detectors and interruption beams.

Contact us to arrange a survey and please remember we can maintain your existing system if you are not satisfied with your current security provider or just want a competitive maintenance cost.


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