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Types of CCTV systems available.

We install all types of CCTV Systems, from the basic camera systems for people who simply want to monitor their property to the latest in IP digital CCTV solutions. We also install other systems i.e HD-SDI protocol cameras and time lapse recording systems. All systems can be monitored remotely and have the option of recording / playback .


Monitored CCTV

For higher risk environments where CCTV recording alone is not enough we can provide you with an off site monitored CCTV Solution, with cameras that on detection of movement will contact a 24 hour manned monitoring station. These systems can often save you lots of money against the cost of security guards and provide complete peace of mind that your property is safe and secure from trespassers.


Contact us to arrange a survey and please remember we can maintain your existing system if you are not satisfied with your current security provider or just want a competitive maintenance cost.

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