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One of the most important systems you will ever need to install to your premises is a Fire Alarm System , this protects your staff, your stock, your building, and your computers; in fact it protects the entire investment you make in your business.


Could you operate if your building went overnight? Most businesses fail following a major fire so it is that important that it is done right.

E4S installs many different types of fire systems that are tailored to your needs and level of fire cover and provide a certification of compliance following installation.

With the introduction of the Regulatory Reform Act it is the responsibility of the business owner, landlord and/or property user to ensure that the Fire Risk Assessment is carried out and the findings adhered to on the site. Part of that is the provision of an adequate Fire System and Emergency Lighting. We can take away that pressure from you by carrying out a fire alarm system risk assessment, providing a fire system design, installing and maintaining a compliant fire alarm system and emergency lighting system.

It is very important not to take short cuts with your fire precautions so call us and we will come and see you to discuss your exact needs.

All newly installed systems are provided with a certificate of compliance


Contact us to arrange a survey and please remember we can maintain your existing system if you are not satisfied with your current security provider or just want a competitive maintenance cost.

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